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Kip Craig

ARRIVED   December 2, 1948
DEPARTED   January 25, 2022


  • Billys,
    Although I knew and enjoyed Kip for many years from gatherings since 2001, I was also his boss when we weren’t running around Saratoga Springs cavorting in sarongs!
    Kip worked for me as a CAD draftsman from 2012 to his passing. He was still in the middle of a number of projects for my office when he transitioned. Many thanks to his housemate David, who was kind enough to let me come over to their place with a portable hard drive to retrieve Kip’s work off his computer.

    Needless to say, I miss Kip in many ways. He was a really good draftsman!! His drawings were always impeccable and done skillfully and professionally. I’ve worked with a number of other draftspeople over the years and Kip, by far, was the best!! He worked to his own schedule but always met mine as well. It was a smooth, respectful and satisfying working relationship and that says a lot about Kip’s integrity and sense of responsibility.

    For many years I was aware the Kip was not particularly happy…. as after Carl’s untimely death, Kip found it hard to find his light in life. We had a number of personal conversations about his feelings over the years. I knew he was challenged in ways that overwhelmed him at times, but he always fulfilled his commitments, never the less. I had great respect for Kip and his work and was sorry that he was experiencing so much sadness at times.

    I know for sure, he’s much happier now….with Carl for sure….at whatever Burning Man Festival there is in the non-physical…as being on the playa was certainly one of Kip’s joys in life. Now I see him smiling and happy enjoying his latest art installation on the Great Playa where souls go to be nourished and nurtured freely.

    In Peace and Love Kip,

  • With all his other gifts, Kip had a great sense of humor and he used it sparingly and well. He also had an actual twinkle in his eye.

  • Eric Jansen writes:

    Yes, as Richard wrote last night, this is sad news. Sad and surprising. I did not know Kip well but all my interactions with him were positive. He seemed to always have a serene smile, good sense of humor and a positive attitude. And seemed full of energy, which is why I’m surprised – stunned – at his rapid decline. I will miss seeing him.

    ~ Cinnamon

  • So sorry to learn of Kip’s death. He was a great addition to the Billy community. ♥ ♥ ♥

    With sadness, Joe Balestreri

  • Richard Azzolini writes:

    How very sad to learn of Kip’s death. I still remember the life drawing groups he hosted at this home.
    With my limited drawing talent I did abstract renderings he found amusing but also saw the merit.
    He was a generous host and a very interesting man to have in one’s company.
    His death is a reminder to me that one never knows what life changes are waiting to challenge.
    R.I.P. dear one.

  • Claudio writes:

    Our dear Billy brother Kip Craig died last week of complications from ALS- Lou Gehrig’s disease. Diagnosed in November, his decline was unexpectedly abrupt.
    Many of you may have known Kip indirectly through his romantic relationship with the more outspoken Carl Lasagna.
    There’s a lot I could say about this dear man. He was a remarkably loyal friend. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention he was as dedicated and provocative in bed as he was out. (I imagine he would appreciate that remark.)

    Here is the obituary I offer to the Billys, though no doubt there is a good deal more to say.

    Kip Craig was usually one of the more quiet guys in any Billy group. Taller than most, he observed the world around him, taking it in calmly. When asked, he often offered elegant opinions.
    Architect by training, our mid-west-born man had a persistently diligent form of creativity. In the Burning Man world he was known for designing evocative interactive kinetic art pieces for the Celestial Bodies Camp. For a number of years he hosted a men’s nude life drawing group in his home. Kip had a form of humor that often surprised, which he usually delivered with a slight smile and a generous twinkle in his eyes.

    His passing is a loss for his many far-flung friends, and especially for his dear housemates of more than 20 years, David and Adán. May his memory be a blessing.

    I will certainly miss him,


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