Announcing the Labor Day Gathering Billy Home n’ Garden Tour!

All virtual, all the time!

Have you ever come away from a gathering with the realization that you don’t really know anything about your new (and old) Billy bros and they don’t know much about you? Now you can rectify that!

Skip all the mess and bother of hosting a party. Who wants to schlep off to someone’s abode and risk getting lost along the way in Lodi, Beaverton or Newark?

NOW we can graciously open our man-caves and Emo-communes to our friends and reveal more of our daily (but fascinating) lives to our community without all the hassle!

So whether you’re living in an old Victorian, a basement studio, a fixer upper, a Thai palace, a communal community, a steam punk caravan, or a country estate, the Billys invite you to participate!

Do you want to share your garden art, animal husbandry, a studio with work in progress, your hobbies or just welcome the community into your home?  All are welcome, humble or grand, serious, sarcastic or just plain silly.

Please contact your Billy Home n’ Garden Tour guide to host your home and/or garden,

Tour guide: Joe Balestreri for details:

* Participants must be registered for at least one day of the Labor Day gathering.

Register here:

Share your Fabulous interior designs, country estates, gardens- practical and whimsical!

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