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William Stewart

ARRIVED   May 25, 1951
DEPARTED   October 20, 2021


  • He continues to surprise and inspire me.
    His courage to be ruthlessly himself at times made me uncomfortable but always left me with a desire to have more time with him
    Now I can.

  • Janaia Donaldson, William’s dear friend, writes:

    William moved across the threshold with ease, a peaceful countenance on his face. He administered the dose at 8:15, and within minutes was asleep, then deeply asleep. Breaths came further apart, and then . . . his breathing simply stopped. His last breath was at 9:00 pm. His spirit slipped from the body with ease.

    We have washed and anointed his body with sandalwood oil, dressed him in white linen pants and white linen Nehru shirt, and his orange-pink happi coat. He lies on a white linen shroud on a beautiful carry board of redwood planks from Groundswell.

    His next journey has begun. Blessed be. ??


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