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Wesley Russell

ARRIVED   June 14, 1929
DEPARTED   October 24, 2008


  • How beautiful, David. Wessie and I met in SF at the faerie circle and then really bonded at Wolf Creek when I got stung by a bee and we created an impromptu mud ritual. For me, Wessie was and is the soul of faerieness…we became friends, and I loved and felt profoundly honored to visit him and Goat when he was convalescing. He wrote me an amazing email once about his first sexual experience. When I read it, I knew it was a piece of important literature and I saved it until one day I had the good fortune to put together an anthology called Queer & Catholic. I put Wessie’s email in there as one of the personal essays, to this day my favorite. This man was a gift, an angel to me, the man who taught me pretty much everything that Harry Hay was trying to tell us – that being gay was a gift, and about love, and sex was one part of that, but the erotic male connection was the real treasure and connection. This man lives in my pantheon forever…sweet, sweet Wessie

  • One time I drove Wessie home from a gathering. Oh we talked on and on. I dunno, that ride stood out. He was quiet and gruff, but had all sorts of interesting things to say about stuff I never think about. I remember that ride almost as an icon. And then one day, at a gathering, I realized that I hadn’t thought about that ride in years. That was the day I realized we needed to put together the Memorial Page.


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