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Richard Ploe

ARRIVED   November 15, 1945
DEPARTED   December 9, 2018


  • I did not know Riku well but have wonderful memories of shared conversations and a few hearty laughs. One laugh in particular occurred at a potluck in the East Bay where he was flitting about wearing a purple tutu – and having the time of his life! Rest well Riku and thanks.

  • I did not know Riku well, yet he was a staple of the potlucks. That’s where I met him. A kind, gentle soul, with a twinkle of mischievousness in his eyes. I enjoyed sharing heart circles, meals, and conversations with him. So sad to hear he’s gone! May Riku Rise In Power with the rest of our Billy Ancestors! ❤

  • Bill Blackburn writes:
    One emoji can’t speak for me. Sad, yes, but happy to remember Riku and his contributions, and of course love. I’m holding Riku in my heart and all who love him.

  • Steve Tiger writes:
    Yes, Riku passed away Sunday night, much sooner than expected. The San Francisco Potlucks were kept alive by him and Ralph, after all the years of G-Fry’s work. A big slice of Billys history for many of us. I’ll miss him, and be grateful for the years of knowing him. The first Billy I met.


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