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  • He seemed to be a wonderful person, many cuts above the rest; and a spirit that was too gentle and too generous for a self-indulgent world. I wish I had known Preston. Now he rests in peace.

  • “Say hello in there…”

    Yesterday evening, I learned that my friend Preston had ended his own life, apparently peacefully. I had met this remarkable man in the last year through The Billys, and he was extremely interesting. He was intelligent and witty, exuberant and deep. He was an author and traveler. I’m sorry I won’t be able to take that trip with him to The Four Corners, as we had bantered about during one conversation. He was eager to hear about my Gunkle Mame relationship with my Gnephew in NYC. I appreciated his un-asked-for support, encouragement, and affirmation on many subjects and levels. Unfortunately further exploration of those paths are sadly ended.

    As a single man with no dependents, and with certain health issues, I can appreciate the desire to retain the ultimate control of when to depart this world. I do not know the factors that contributed to my friend’s assumption of that control, and don’t judge him for it. It is unfortunate that some folks will feel the burden that they could have done something to avert that decision. I’m not so sure. I do know that these events do reverberate, and in that reverberation may help others who are feeling low, lost, or lonely to let someone know; and that those who see someone with a struggle will say “Hello in there” and offer assistance. Bette sings it well…


    But only Mark Weigle gets the Billy vibe down perfectly:
    Check out this video on YouTube:


    Love yourselves

    Love each other


  • Dear friends of our brother Preston-

    It is with great sadness that we write this post to let all who loved him know that today we learned Preston passed away at his home last week. He died peacefully but of his own choosing. When found in his bed he had his earphones in and we like to think that he passed with the sweetest music playing that may have offered some relief from the pain he felt. Preston was a remarkably talented and gifted individual with a kind heart and large spirit. We each had our own unique relationship with him and are already filling our conversations with great memories of his loud voice and big laugh, his love of people and travel, and his gifts for writing and teaching. It is deeply saddening to know he is gone.

    We are making plans now for ways to honor him and will share those plans with you.

    Elizabeth Grant Greg Grant Allison Grant Dayton and Pamela Grant Caine


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