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Paul Freedman

ARRIVED   January 31  
DEPARTED   August 4, 2020

One Comment

  • Darrell Standring writes:
    This is my friend Paul Freedman. He died due to complications from Covid-19 a couple nights ago. A sweetheart of a man only 2 years into the wonderful retirement he was enjoying with his husband of 37 years.

    My heart is broken, and I’m also angry as hell! He ended up contracting the coronavirus during one of his recent hospital stays, trying to figure out what was going on with him health wise.

    Covid-19 isn’t a hoax, as Paul and 160,000 other US citizens are dead. The coronavirus isn’t just going to miraculously disappear because of the weather, or because you pray to your God 24/7. And our right to life TRUMPS your right to be a fucking idiot by not wearing a mask and following medically- and scientifically-based protocols to reduce the spread of this deadly virus.

    A big thank you to everyone who sent healing energy, lit candles, and said prayers for Paul during his illness. It is my hope the love that was shown to him helped him through his transition to the other side. May he Rise In Power in every possible way!


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