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Mike Hanna

ARRIVED   1947  
DEPARTED   January 11, 2006


  • Bill Blackburn writes:
    Jan 18, 2006
    I’m saddened to hear this news, and left wondering if I knew Mike.
    Likely I did since he was at the July gathering. Yet we meet by
    first name and last names get lost. Mike was a regular participant
    on Billenet and I’ve always been curious to know more of him.

    Does anyone have a photo they could upload to the yahoo group?

    Everybody in our community is precious!

    Bill Blackburn

  • Paul Shepard writes:
    The Gay Buddhist Fellowship (GBF) invites you to a remembrance for Mike Hanna who passed away in January. We will meet this Sunday morning (2/19/06), 10:30 a.m., at the SF Buddhist Center, 37 Bartlett St. (near 21st St. between Mission and Valencia).

    The format will be a half hour of silent meditation followed by a brief memorial service where we will have the opportunity to give remembrances. We’ll then break into small group discussions about how we are dealing with Mike’s passing, and our feelings about death and dying in general.

    The formal part of the meeting will end at noon and there will be a time to socialize afterwards.

    Mike was a member of both the Billies and GBF.

    If anyone has a picture of Mike, please bring it on Sunday.


    Paul Shepard

  • David Holmes writes:
    I’ve enjoyed many conversations with Mike over the years, at the Gay
    Buddhist Fellowship on Sundays and at Billie Club gatherings. He was a
    soulful man with great depth of intellect, compassion and
    understanding. My last memory of him was two Sundays ago at GBF,
    sitting in the front row, making what I recall was a thought-provoking
    comment to our speaker, Susan Moon. I wish I could remember clearly
    what it was he said…

    I will endeavor to listen more closely to what my friends say.

    May his passing be gentle. May he be guided and held in the loving
    embrace of friends on the other side of the veil.

    With love,


    (David Holmes)

  • Marcus Borgman writes:
    Billy and San Francisco resident Mike Hanna has passed on. He was found dead in
    his apartment last Wednesday, January 11. Mike was 59 and last attended the July
    4 gathering at Saratoga Springs. His first gathering was Halloween 2002. The SF
    Medical Examiner is doing an autopsy to find a specific cause of death, but it
    appears he died of natural causes.


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