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John Guedon

ARRIVED   October 3, 1961  
DEPARTED   July 21, 2020


  • Arjuna writes:
    John “Fabu” Guedon died this last week. He attended a few of the Billy mid-winter themed gatherings, and one or two of the Generates. “Fabu” was a long-timer with the Radical Faeries since back in Harry Hay’s time when he was a teenager. As such an attractive young man back then, “Fabu” dressed in white-trash drag to keep the older leeches away. He loved and continued to perfect this trashy drag style throughout his life.

    John felt most at home, energized and comfortable by the ocean or in his kayak on a lake or river. So that’s the two pictures I’m posting here.

    At Saratoga Springs, John built the platform bed, the base and the floor of the yurt, and a bridge crossing the creek. All were and are very sturdy, like himself.

    John died of lung cancer at his home in San Diego. He knew and accepted that he was dying. A decades-long friend of John’s drove down from SF to assist John after he was released from the hospital.

    John died peacefully in his sleep just a night or two later…

    Tibetan tradition advises not to cry in the presence of the body lest the deceased’s consciousness might remain attracted to sticking around on Earth with those who love him or her, and not move on the next level of whatever. But John has/had such strong self-determination, that I suspect that he won’t be fettered our tears. I feel blessed and lucky to have known and spent time with him.


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