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Doug DeBeni

ARRIVED   February 5, 1957
DEPARTED   September 22, 1994


  • Doug was so sweet I totally fell in love with him in 1993. He was a columnist for We The People when I became editor and asked me out. I fell in love with him so fast! We had a lovely vacation in Maui, and many trips to San Francisco in his teal Ford Explorer (which he called “Exploder” and if you have to ask just Google Ford Pinto exploding). Doug was bright and kind and had the same sense of humor I did. He was a wonderful gardener too, and made a video with his aunt about world peace. As a student at SSU in the late1980s he pushed the student health center to include AIDS prevention material, and later he was the first person to be hired doing AIDS prevention at the Sonoma County Public Health department and made a big impression on everyone there. In 1990 he was instrumental in creating the AIDS Early Intervention Center at Public Health and became the health educator and onsite facilitator. He loved the Billys and camping at Billy gatherings, and loved his family.

  • I hardly knew Doug before he passed. I had just gotten to the Billys. But I sure do remember the incredible heart and passion with which he spoke at his last circle.


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