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David Passmore

ARRIVED   October 29, 1932
DEPARTED   November 29, 2017


  • It’s almost been 3 years since his passing, I still miss his cooking every day. Moved in with him in 1975. In ’77 we went to South America on a botanical trip sponsored by UC Berkely. Spent two weeks with them then on our own for 5 months before returning and finding the property we homesteaded. The hot tub at Saratoga was the highlight of our billy activity, Christmas Eve was special and we always saved Chestnuts and Chanterelles for dinner.

    Many Blessings to all our relations,

  • David Passmore was a sweet, quiet and generous guy who homesteaded with his lover Jim (Dreamweaver) way out in the hills above and beyond Cazadero. He was dedicated to country living and he and Jim did a lot of their own harvesting and processing of food. He and Jim were very early members of the Billys. Rest in Peace dear David.


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