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Brook Klehm

ARRIVED   November 13, 1956
DEPARTED   October 27, 2010


  • Brook Klehm was a dear friend of mine during our dancing days at Washington University back in the 70/s. He danced in several of my choreographies. We both were eventual members of St. Louis’s Metro Theater Company (then called ‘Circus”). He was bright, joyful, sensitive and irrepressible. I miss him and am saddened by the fact that he is no longer trodding (and dancing) this planet with us.

  • Joe Balestreri says:
    This is Brook Klehm – he was a neighbor of mine and George Hamamjian’s – who came to a couple potlucks and at least one Heartwood gathering. He followed Space Otter to Seattle. He’s been gone for a while, sadly. He was a wholesale nurseryman, a collector of unusual plants and a professional dancer in New York at one time. I know that he was born in Saint Louis, St. Louis County, Missouri.

    • I was in grade school and all the way through high school I think, with Brook, back in St. Louis. He was one of my favorite classmates and playmates. I lost track of him as we got older, but found him many years later after he moved out west. Gratefully, we reconnected once before he passed. I still have fond memories of him.


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