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Brian Friedman

ARRIVED   March 20, 1955
DEPARTED   July 18, 2010


  • I met Brian back in 1998 when he became my medical doctor for my worker’s comp case dealing with PTSD. He was professional, kind, caring and interested in helping me get through one of the worst ordeals of my life. I was so sad to hear of his passing. He always seemed to be the picture of perfect health. I hope his partner has been able to heal and enjoy life without his beautiful presence. I hope that you have been resting in peace dear dear man. I will be eternally grateful for your loving care.

  • When I could look beyond his beautiful body, and he often went without a shirt, he was a very sweet, warm, and open man, looking for fun. In our last conversation, he talked about the pleasures of furnishing his home in Palm Springs with 50s artifacts. He loved to run – at his Memorial at the Castro Theater, there were numbers of pictures of him running, some in the oddest of places. There is a certain sweetness in knowing that he died while out for a morning run in Palm Springs.

  • Wonderful emergency room doctor at Ralph K. Davie’s here in San Francisco, saw many Billy’s in that setting. Handsome and kind and athletic. His death was sudden and unexpected. Greatly missed.


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