Billy Sonomen (All Billy) Potluck

Hey Billy, We're having a Welcome Summer - PRIDE Potluck at the home of Kris Shanks and Mike Wager on Saturday June 25. (All fully vaccinated Billys / Billys 2b are Welcome, this is not exclusively a Sonomen area Billys event) Let's gather at noon, and as we seem to be doing, have lunch and […]

Summer Gathering (Reg. closed)

REGISTRATION CLOSED Sun. 6/19 11:59 "ORIGINS: Evolution" - "Sowing the Seeds of Love" Where do we come from? Where are we going? Why do we Gather? Points to ponder: Perhaps it's time to take a long, measured view through the looking glass? Do you like what you see? What changes would you like to make? […]

Fall Gathering – “Roller Coaster World”

Fall Gathering at Saratoga Springs Retreat Center in Lake County. (Registration is Firmly Closed - Wed. 8/24 8pm PT) Well, my fellow Billys, Fall is just around the corner, and it's time to sign up for the Labor Day Gathering. I don't know about you, but it seems like the Summer Gathering was just yesterday. […]

Billy Sonomen (all Billys/Billys 2b) Potluck

Hey Billy!Mark and Tom in Rohnert Park have invited us to have a potluck at their place on Saturday, October 15 in Rohnert Park. So, save the date! Write me if you have questions. See ya, Billy. David G

Saturday Heart Circle

Please join us for Heart Circle, where we “sit” gently together, holding space for each other and sharing deeply. Heart Circle is where community is forged, and it is the central ritual of our community. This circle is for Gay, Bi, and Queer men. To be clear, trans men are men. RSVP/Register for the Heart […]

All Billys’ Halloween! (Online)

All Billys’ Halloween! No matter what kind of Billy you are. Virtual, Imaginary or Real! - Goblin, Ghost or Ghoul! - Next Door or Other Worldly! Coordinated by the DEI Committee Billy Halloween Gathering - October 28th - 30th 2022 (online, at The Billy Village) Save the date!  We will be having an online Halloween […]