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June 29 2:00 pm – July 4 2:00 pm

You are cordially invited to attend the Billy Summer Gathering 2023: Rejuvenate!  After a few bumps and stumbles during the COVID pandemic, it’s time to gather together again in community and nature to rejuvenate ourselves and our Billy Magic!

Once again, walk around the beauty that is Saratoga Springs in Lake County, CA – soak in the sun, dive into the cool waters of the swimming pool, and soak in the warm waters of the hot tub.  Gather in heart space, reconnect with your Billy family, dine on excellent meals, and enjoy a wide variety of events designed to lift your spirits.  Relax, play, dance, perform, share, and most of all, rejuvenate!

Note: Previous save-the-date notices said the gathering was to start on June 28. That is not correct. You may arrive starting at 2 PM on Thursday June 29. Apologies for any confusion.

Our schedule of daytime events includes (subject to change):

  • Morning Heart Circles (Friday 6/30–Monday 7/3)
  • Workshops (Friday 6/29–Sunday 7/2)
  • Pool Party (Monday 7/3)

Evening events include:

  • Welcome & Opening Ritual (Thursday 6/29)
  • Dance (Friday 6/30)
  • New Billy Welcome & Talent Show (Saturday 7/1)
  • Movie Night (Sunday 7/2)
  • Full Moon Celebration & Ritual (Monday 7/3)

So, come and join your fellow Billys for a most excellent time, and invite a new Billy to introduce them to our Community!  We look forward to seeing you there!

Registration is now OPEN!

There are a limited number of scholarships, so please keep these available for those most in need!

Special Message From BearHug:

I am currently working with Tair (Terry Miller) to plan the gathering, but I will not be able to attend due to mobility issues. At the Summer Gathering in 2019, we didn’t have Co-Coordinators and instead several Billys stepped up, each serving as Coordinator for a single day of the gathering. The gathering was a success because our community and Billy Magic came through, as they always do!

We’re trying that approach again and hope you feel called to volunteer as Coordinator for a single day or an event, as a Sub-Coordinator, or in another way you want to help rejuvenate our community! Use your own creativity, or feel free to collaborate with me.

If you’re interested in volunteering to run a day or event or for a Sub-Coordinator position, please email BearHug at darrell_standring@yahoo.com or text to 415-734-0997.  Want to help organize? Contact the Gathering Council
Thank you so much!