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Billy Spring Gathering 2024

Thursday, April 18th – Sunday, April 21st

Saratoga Springs is our canvas,
      the Spring is our palette,
            love and fellowship are our brushes.
Join us in creating this gathering together at Saratoga Springs.

Register here: REGISTER

Playing, meals together, enjoying nature, hot tubing, massage, and late night conversations on the sofa!
Want to create workshops, lead the Heart Circles, a talent show, a dance or have an idea to lead a Spring ritual?
Be spontaneous, try something new and take part during this gathering! Bring what you need for your event/activity.
We will have daily dinner circles; paper on the front porch; and other ways to coordinate our collective efforts.

NOTE:  There are no coordinators for this gathering.  We (volunteers) will do our best to respond or put you in contact with another Billy to collaborate.  Contact:  events@theBillys.org  with specific questions for your ideas.

Registration is now OPEN!– registration will CLOSE on Friday, April 12