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Spring Gathering 2022

April 21 @ 3:00 pm April 24 @ 2:00 pm

Spring Gathering: An Exploration of Touch, Intimacy, and Love

at Saratoga Springs Retreat Center in Lake County, California.

After a long, cold winter, Saratoga Springs is awakening with the colorful energy of Spring!  The sun blesses the land with light and warmth longer each day.  The green of new grass shoots, leaves, budding flowers, and mosses dominate the landscape.  New generations of animals of all sorts scamper across the valley floor.  For the first time in three years, The Billy Community will gather together to celebrate Spring once again through an exploration of touch, intimacy, and love!

This Spring promises relaxing moments to gather together more closely, activities to venture out and explore our environment more freely, and congregations of community which we can celebrate more colorfully and joyously!

How do you want to experience touch, intimacy, and love?  We will create a safe space for Billys to explore these topics individually and communally, with body, heart, mind, and spirit.  We encourage you to present workshops, participate in events, and create rituals to connect more deeply with your own body, recognize your interconnectedness with the land, and find your place within community.  Heart Circles and shared meals will offer many opportunities to explore our relationships with intimacy, both with ourselves and with others.  We encourage exploration of attraction, lust, and love—some of the most confusing subjects to man.  We’ll do all this with respect for one another, and appreciation of our willingness to grow, as well as our limits within which we thrive.

Be brave and open your hearts to make this a special event for our community.  Bring your experiences and your skills and share what you have to offer.  The Billys have opened my heart in a special way.  I hope others will be welcomed into this community and afforded safe opportunities to explore as well.

See you at the Billy Spring 2022 Gathering!

Your Coordinator,

Daddy Bill *If you would like to volunteer as Co-Coordinator or a Sub-Coordinator, or you’d like to present a workshop, please contact Daddy Bill at [email protected]; (415) 519-1113.

Spring 2022 Gathering Covid Safety Policy:

As a Community, we can be especially grateful that Billys at the Winter Gathering were very careful about following the Covid Safety Policy, and thankfully no one who attended contracted Covid there.

The Covid situation has changed since then, and we will be following CDC and State recommendations by easing our Guidelines and not requiring masking indoors. If, before April 21, the case numbers increase and state and local mandates change, then we will adjust our requirements accordingly.

For Spring Gathering the Covid Safety Policy is:

  1. Proof of being fully vaccinated is required to register.
  2. We STRONGLY recommend getting a Booster.
  3. Negative rapid Covid test to be taken the morning of your arrival day.
  4. When you arrive and check in at Registration, you will be required to sign a statement, which we will provide, confirming that you have had a Negative Covid test within the last 24 hours of arrival.
  5. Masks are optional in all indoor spaces (unless an individual Workshop Presenter requires masking)
  6. STAY HOME if you show any signs of illness.

A number of Billys will feel safer wearing masks indoors and we should all respect individual decisions. It is recommended that you carry a mask with you at the Gathering in case someone requests you wear one during a conversation. (You could, of course, prefer to end the conversation or move it outdoors.)

As we all know, Covid Safety Mandates can change at any time. As of this moment, our Policy follows the current CDC and California Department of Health guidelines.

REMEMBER:  Taking care of ourselves is only part of the picture.  We are striving to build a community that cares for its members.  In deciding how you will respect and adhere to these agreements, please remember we are all different and part of the Billys.

Thank you, Community, for sticking with us as we navigate the changing pandemic landscape and bring as much care as we can to creating an environment for us to gather. Stay tuned!