Billy Safety & Photo Policies

We encourage everyone to be present and mindful by advocating an environment free of drugs and alcohol at our gatherings.

Billy Safety Policy

By joining the gathering space, you agree to our shared values, which includes speaking respectfully, avoiding language that others may experience as hurtful, racially charged, insensitive, or offensive. As Billys and Billy Kin, we strive to be kind and respectful towards each other. We listen, learn, and are open to adjusting our behavior when our words or actions cause someone else discomfort or harm.

  • I will be kind and respectful of the range of folks attending, including all races, ethnicities, genders, identities and expressions, pronouns, ages, abilities, and sexual orientations.
  • I support physical intimacy that is mutually agreed upon and safe, be it sexual or otherwise. Participation in any activity must be by consent only. There should never be a situation in which I or others feel pressured to engage or continue beyond comfort levels.
  • It is my responsibility to communicate my boundaries clearly. When initiating or receiving contact, I will also respect the personal boundaries of others.
  • If I feel pressured in any activity, I am encouraged to talk to an Emotional Support Volunteer, a Gathering Co-Coordinator or a Billy I trust.

Billy Photo policy

Our policy on photographing and electronically recording at Billy Gatherings and other events seeks to strike a balance between providing a safe space for people, preserving privacy within our community, and having a visual record of our times together.

  1. Do not record, take photos or videos of anyone without their express permission if they will be recognizable in them.
  2. Do not record Heart circles, rituals, memorial or workshops without the express permission of all involved.
  3. Talent shows can be recorded unless otherwise specified by the Master of Ceremonies.
  4. When folks want to be photographed, or their images captured, please feel free do so.
  5. Never post online or distribute images from Billy events without the expressed permission of everyone recognizable in them.