COVID Protocols for Summer Gathering 2022

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Summer 2022 Gathering Covid Protocols:

As a Community, we can be grateful that Billys at the Spring Gathering were very good about following the Covid Safety guidelines, and thankfully no one who attended contracted Covid there.

Since there is currently some evidence of variant surges, for the Summer Gathering we are REQUIRING all attendees have at least one Booster shot.

If, before June 15, the case numbers increase and state and local mandates change, then we will adjust our requirements accordingly.

For Summer Gathering the Guidelines as of today are:

1. Proof of being fully vaccinated (including at least one Booster shot)  is required to register.

2. Negative rapid Covid test to be taken the morning of your arrival day.

4. Masks are optional in all indoor spaces (unless an individual Workshop Presenter requires masking)

5. STAY HOME if you show any signs of illness. (Registration Fees are FULLY REFUNDABLE).

A number of Billys will feel safer wearing masks indoors and we should all respect individual decisions. It is recommended that you carry a mask with you at the Gathering in case someone requests you wear one during a conversation. (You could, of course, prefer to end the conversation or move it outdoors.)

As we all know, Covid Safety Mandates can change at any time. As of this moment, our Guidelines follow the latest CDC and California Department of Health guidelines.

Thank you, Community, for sticking with us as we navigate the changing pandemic landscape and bring as much care as we can to creating an environment for us to gather. Stay tuned!

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