COVID Protocols for the Fall Gathering

COVID-19 virus

Fall Gathering 2021 has been CANCELED

All participants will be required to be fully vaccinated to attend this gathering. Verification will be requested as part of registration.  


The protocols for masks, social distancing, gathering size and indoor or outdoor activities will all be guided by the current requirements set by the state, county 

and Saratoga Springs Retreat Center.  Planning for this gathering anticipates that indoor activities will be possible; however state and county requirements may influence that up to the start of the gathering.


We recognize that not everyone has the same boundaries for safety and encourage everyone to take the precautions that work for them.  We agree to respect and honor those who choose to wear a mask, and to communicate their social distancing comfort levels. This may mean that choices will have to be about their participation in indoor activities.


The mandated requirements are continually changing and may or may not be more restrictive by the time of the gathering.  Full refunds are available up to the close of registration (August 22, 2021) if your plans no longer work with updated protocol requirements at the time of the Gathering.


  • There are multiple reasons why a person may not be boosted:
    Immuno-compromisation requires more than two full doses before a booster can be administered
    auto-immune disease requires more than two full doses before a booster can be administered
    a person may have only recently started the vaccination sequence,
    and there may be other justifiable reasons where the person is safe.
    Please examine each unusual circumstance individually and make exceptions to this rule.


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