New Board Members

Despite the uncertainty in the world today, our Community continues to not only survive, but to thrive and evolve. A new vision of our heart-centered community is emerging, with new energy and participation, made possible in part by the open frontier of our growing online presence.

I’m pleased to announce that two visionary Billys, Tair Miller and Kai Porter, have joined the Billy Foundation Board of Directors. Tair brings lots of non-profit board experience to us. Tair’s vision in Co-coordinating Labor Day online has been a key in helping our community find our way forward as Billys.  He is excited to continue this vision forward including growing our online resources. In the past several years, Kai has brought us Billys his passion for the outdoors, his creativity through music, and his commitment to showing up. Kai would like to be a part of outreach efforts and projects geared towards expanding the community. Kai said in his letter, “My sense is that there are many queer people of all ages and races who would find great fulfillment from joining the group if they knew what it had to offer them.”


Please join me in welcoming and supporting them in their new roles in service to the community.


We are looking for 3 or 4 more passionate, talented Billys to join the Billy Board over the next several months. Let us know if you are curious about getting more involved in creating Billy magic. You can read more about joining the board HERE

Sending Hugs and Love,

Robert Zarren

President, Billy Board of Directors

p.s. Now is a great time to get re-grounded in your own personal values and to remind ourselves of our community’s Billy Values as we navigate these unpredictable times together.

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  • Me happy
    Grateful for TERRY& KAI __ I feel secure and held by these fresh spirits❤️💐. At 85 I’m exercising in hope at BEING PRESENT WHEN THE CALL TO GATHER IS SOUNDED. Joy JOY.


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