Limitless Possibilities

What we can’t do is not important, what we can do, is everything in front of you right now!

Register now!  Over 50 now registered, and we are officially international now too!

DEADLINE: Aug 21st is the deadline to register if you want to receive our mail out package filled with valuable items to be used throughout the gathering, and believe me, you want that!  If you have registered, be sure you have included your address in your profile information.

After that date, registration will continue through Aug 31st, when ALL registration will be closed.

‘What is it that we are doing?’ you may ask. 

        Let us tell you a little about what to expect:

Welcome to the Billy Labor Day Gathering Website!

    After registration and logged into the website, choose HOME and you will be taken to our Village.  

Today, you will see “Under Construction” across the lawn. 

At the beginning of the gathering, 9 buildings will appear in our little Village.  Buildings for:

  connecting:     – Main Lodge   – Dining Hall   – Heart Sanctuary

  activities:        – The Barn   – Workshop Bungalow   – Love Lounge

  resources:       – Meditation Center   – Art Gallery    – Library


Tech Support; message & communicate with participants, and overall schedule, a posting board for events or notices & more all accessible though our own village, just for registered participants.

Things are evolving constantly, however we can give you a general idea of what to expect and anticipate.

The Main Lodge – This is the hub of our village.  A place in our Billy online village to just hang out, see who is there for those wonderful random conversations.  There will be games available; story telling; maybe special evening hosts to stir up the conversation in different areas of the lodge for small conversations groups; activities; and more.

The Barn – Think big evening events such as the Barn Dance, runway or talent show.

Meditation Center – Walk a labyrinth, soothing music or find ideas, or apps to help you relax.

The Gathering schedule will be for:

      Pacific Standard Time (PST),  UTC/GMT -8 

Remember to adjust the scheduled times (hours) if you are joining the gathering from:

   NYC (+3 hours); Chicago (+2 hours); Sydney Opera House (+18 hours); A beach in Hawaii (-3 hours); Gondola in Venice, Italy, (+9 hours); Hotel in Mumbai (+12 hours); Internet Cafe in Mexico City (+2 hours); WiFi Hotspot in Singapore (+15 hours); McMurdo Communication Station Antarctica (+19 hours)

Our team of sub coordinators and volunteers is growing! It’s our first online gathering, and they are having fun being a part of that, building the gathering experience together.  

However there are still several openings available, and WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Remember, it is our gathering though the combined efforts of everyone involved, and things don’t happen if people don’t step up.  

We still have needs for the creation of our world famous Billy Talent show.  Also, we are still in need of a Dining Hall sub coordinator, for meal time creative events like cooking shows, chefs, recipe and food themes, Matri D’ & Flo at the diner hosts, and more. 

We have the space, ideas and gathering, we just need you & your creative juices.

If interested, contact Tair (415) 378-7708 or Rio 707-319-7200

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