Billy Foundation Logo of dancing menWho are the Billys?

The Billys is a heart-centered community woven together by shared values and by our shared experience as gay, bi, and queer men. We strive to be present and mindful with ourselves and each other as we gather four times a year in extraordinary rural venues in Northern California, and now in collaboratively created, rich online venues. Each gathering is a work of art, carefully crafted by Billys to take us to places of joy and playfulness, intimacy and openness, creativity and self-expression. We embrace everyone with deep welcome and radical acceptance.

What are our values?

Heart Circle is our central ritual and consensus is our process; they embody our values. Ongoing Heart Circles keep us connected and in community in online events through the current pandemic. We encourage ourselves to be present and mindful by advocating an environment free of drugs and alcohol at our gatherings. We envision the creation of a world based on principles of nonviolence, sustainability, cooperation, service, and the building of deeper wisdom through shared perspective.

Upcoming In-Person Gatherings

Winter Gathering 2022

(Please note the date change above from the previously posted dates of December 27th to January 1st) tabula rasa  (Latin, literally scraped tablet) – a blank slate, a fresh start […]

Upcoming Online Events

Community Circle 11.06.22

A Community Circle was held November 6, 2022 to discuss the Billy Foundation finances.Why hold a mee… You must be a registered member of the Billy Community to view this

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The Billys Trans flag

Billy Values and Trans Inclusion

We (Dewey and Eric) would like to share some thoughts about making our Gatherings safer and more welcoming for our trans brothers. We’re talking now primarily to Billys who, like us, are not transgender. We certainly are not experts on the trans experience—we’re just two Billys who believe strongly that inclusion makes the Billys a stronger, better community.

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Black Lives Matter. Never have these words been more relevant, important, and compelling. These words are a call to action, a challenge to the status quo, a demand for change.

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